What Is the Best CRM for Non-Profit Organizations?

What Is the Best CRM for Non-Profit Organizations?
What Is the Best CRM for Non-Profit Organizations?keywords
Get to know the best CRM for non-profit organizations and see how the right tool can streamline your operations. And you know what? Notehouse does it all.description

In 2015, the average company used eight different software apps. By 2022, that number skyrocketed to 130 individual tools and apps that are serving a wide range of purposes throughout the business. Many non-profits have also followed this trend, using a variety of tools to promote their mission, fundraise, manage volunteers, and keep track of their finances. Fortunately, elite software systems can cut back on the number of apps you need by bundling a range of services all in one interface.

That being said, there are still a lot of options out on the market today—how can you pick the true game changer for your organization? Here are the top things you should look for to find the best CRM for non-profit organizations.

Human Resources Management

Non-profits rely on dedicated staff who use their passion and skills to drive the organization forward. However, these groups also need HR software to manage their employees, whether they are a team of two or 200.

While financial management tools like Gusto ensure your staff members get paid, other HR platforms can make your organization a good place to work by keeping notes on staff birthdays, special skills, and ideal work hours for scheduling. Your HR software should also store your performance reviews so everything about the most important resource you have—your people!—is all in one place.

Volunteer Management

While all your staff works tirelessly to support the cause, your volunteers also contribute invaluable work hours, skills, and other assets. The best CRM for non-profit organizations will make it easy to manage volunteers and other supporters.

This goes beyond scheduling tools like SignUpGenius or (eek!) Google Docs or Sheets. Effective management software will also embrace the human side of your volunteers. You can track when certain volunteers are available to help out, what they enjoy doing, and how they are eager to make a difference. By creating a positive experience for your volunteers, you’re delivering a rewarding and fulfilling return on the investment they’re making for your organization.

Fundraising and Donor Engagement

There are two key elements of fundraising: financial management and donor engagement. While financial management involves bookkeeping, tracking donations, and setting fundraising goals, donor management is a lot more personal. It involves understanding why people give to your organization and what results they hope to see from it. Some people might be happy to give to your general fund while other donors have specific causes in mind.

The best CRM for non-profit organizations when it comes to donor management by far is Notehouse. Not only does it make it easy to take detailed notes and share them with your team, but it helps everyone keep track of target donors and support their participation. Effective donation requests will result in better fundraising efforts that help your organization as a whole.

And the beauty of Notehouse is that the same interface that makes your fundraising effective can be used to handle all the challenges we’re talking about. Whether it’s your employees, volunteers, donors, or any of the other wonderful people you work with on a daily basis, Notehouse is the best CRM for non-profit organizations that are people-focused and people-driven.

Board Management

Non-profits often spend just as much time, if not more, on internal communication compared to external messaging, and the most important people in the conversation are the board members. Their leadership ensures the organization runs effectively and the donations received by various individuals and businesses go to good use. That means they need accurate, concise, and clear information on a range of vital topics.

Tools like Boardable are useful for general board management, but they can be limiting in their communication offerings. Instead of getting an app solely to manage your board, a note-taking platform like Notehouse can do everything Boardable can and more—especially if it’s already utilized across various departments within your organization.

With this tool, you can send updates to your board, create meeting agendas, and take notes during board meetings that can then be shared with everyone who needs the info. This single tool provides multiple benefits that can make it easier for your board to run your organization.

Case Management

Non-profit organizations also use software to manage the communities they support. A wide variety of non-profits rely on case management software to keep up with day-to-day operations. Organizations that provide social work or other people-oriented services need to track their clients, including individuals and families they work with. Even animal services groups might use case management tools to keep up with the various pets that are available for adoption and in foster care.

The best CRM for non-profit organizations focusing on case management will be secure, private, and easy to manage. Even when caseloads get high, these tools should stay organized. The right CRM will reduce stress on the non-profit staff that uses it. And if you’re using the same app for case management as all the other processes we’ve discussed, it will give your organization an incredible edge when it comes to communicating and sharing information.

And the Best-of-the-Best Is: Notehouse!

Whether it’s managing your board, serving your community, or just sharing detailed notes with your team, Notehouse is the only app that does it all. Its secure and intuitive design and wide range of applications undoubtedly make it the best CRM for non-profit organizations of any size or structure.

Notehouse allows you to streamline your note-taking and manage files more easily so you can keep your charity organized, and it’s easily scalable as you grow. Don't let disorganization hold your group back from achieving its goals! Try Notehouse today and find out how much of a difference you can make in the world when you’ve got the right tool for the job.


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