Why is Notehouse the Best Digital Note Taker on the Planet?

Simple note taking should be effortless, affordable, and secure. Anyone can learn Notehouse in 5 minutes flat. How’s that for efficiency?
friendly interface notehouse notes note taking software app

It’s Friendly

Our cheerful, familiar interface puts humans at ease. Lauren’s non-techy mom is a big fan!

Narrative Notes notehouse

It’s Narrative-Based

Our straightforward meeting note taker has searchable, sortable, easy-to-read narrative notes so you can keep track of conversations, appointments, and meetings with zero effort.

Across Teams notehouse notes note taking software app

It’s Collaborative

Share info with the whole team on our narrative platform, so everyone is in the loop about which human took which note and when!

notehouse notes note taking software app

It’s Helpful

The best digital note taker has sticky notes that never fall off! Keep must-have info and reminders front and center at all times.

Notehouse Notes Note taking software app Customizable Tag

It’s Customizable

Get in the driver’s seat with a customizable tag-based system that lets YOU decide what to track. Tracking and analysis will be a breeze!

Compliant Servers notehouse notes note taking software app

It’s Secure

Rest easy with a note taking software for human services that uses two-sided encryption models, HIPAA-compliant database servers, and regular audits so that every bit of info is private, safe, and for your team’s eyes only!

See how notetaking happens in NoteHouse

Our demo video explains all of the features in just 5 minutes. It´s that simple!