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“Really intuitive to learn and use. Makes it easy to keep track of people and notes, and remain really focused on that - very little clutter or unnecessary features, which I love!”
- Gabriel L., Non-profit Founder
“I really feel like Notehouse was designed with me in mind! Juggling a huge case load as a non-profit lawyer is stressful enough as it is. Notehouse figured out a way to take that load off my shoulders, and it has been a real joy to use!”
- Dahsong K., Attorney
"I love how Notehouse keeps things as simple as possible, while still providing the function that is necessary to get my job done. It's been a lifesaver organizing client information in a way that I can actually find again."
- Boyuan G., Consultant
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Guidance Counselors, HR Professionals for Social Workers, and Coaches, OH MY! Notehouse is for everyone who takes notes on humans!

Our Story

Our founder and CEO Lauren Burke has worked in nonprofit and educational settings for over a decade graduating from NYU School of Law in 2009. From representing survivors of domestic violence in our country’s courts to educating youth on their rights in schools, to running a center for immigrant youth in Brooklyn, NYC, she’s been honored to work on the front lines of some of society’s biggest issues.

In 2017, Lauren traveled the country, meeting with individuals and other helpers to provide free legal services out of her van. She was shocked by the number of community organizations still using pens and paper to take notes! While at a diner in Arizona, she started sketching out an idea for a simple electronic note system that could be customized to meet a variety of needs. She ran the idea past her social worker mother and legal service friends and realized she was on to something... so she called up her tech buddy Jourdan, and the two of them created Notehouse!

Today Notehouse works with hundreds of nonprofits, educational institutions, and other direct-service providers. Helping senior centers and churches, food banks and schools, and more, Notehouse is a simple, affordable solution for everyone who takes notes on humans. In addition to running Notehouse, Lauren continues to support social impact agencies through her work at The Possible LAB, so she’s always got her pulse on what direct service providers need. And with her mom as a test subject, she’s sure that Notehouse is always accessible for the more-people-than-tech-savvy among us.

So hop on board the Notehouse team and join a company that genuinely cares about its users because we’re them too!