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I am having a problem with my Notehouse account, who do I contact?

First, make sure to check out our youtube channel where you will see videos walking you through answers to some of the most frequent questions we get. Still can't find a solution? Email support@getnotehouse.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Journalists notehouse notes note taking software app

Where can I see a demo of Notehouse?

You can watch it here! Or email our CEO Lauren@getnotehouse.com to schedule a zoom call.

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How did you come up with the idea for Notehouse?

Our founder Lauren has spent more than ten years working with humans in professional settings yet she could never find suitable software to keep track of the people she was supporting. From overseeing legal services at a domestic violence clinic to providing college counseling, to running a non profit organization, every software she tried was overly complicated, prohibitively expensive, or too focused on sales and not human relationships. While on a cross country road trip providing legal services to communities in need, she realized she wasn’t alone and began sketching out ideas for intuitive software that people would WANT to use. Coincidentally, her subletter Jourdan in NYC happened to be a software developer looking for a new project that would make a difference and together they began creating Notehouse. As we’ve tested our product we’ve realized that everyone needs a way to keep track of the humans in their lives. From social workers with their own private practice, to busy parents with multiple doctors appointments, to entrepreneurs who want to better remember their potential investors, Notehouse provides a customizable, exceedingly affordable and user friendly solution to all their needs. Hurrah!

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How secure is Notehouse?

Because our founder is a lawyer we take security incredibly seriously and we at Notehouse take every approach to try and ensure the highest level of safeguards for you and your work. This includes periodic security audits, two-sided encryption models, access control, authorization monitoring and more. We store all your data on and utilize Amazon Web Services, which has HIPAA compliant database servers and received the highest possible security rating from the U.S. Federal Government. You can read more about AWS servers here.

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How do I know what plan to purchase?

That all depends on your needs! If you are the only person using Notehouse and you are keeping track of less than ten people a month, or if you want to just give the software a try to make sure its a good fit, you can try our 15 day trial before moving on to a paid plan. If you want to use Notehouse to track unlimited cases but it’s just you and/or one other person, or if your larger team wants to give it a test run, you can go month to month. If you have 3 or more folks on your team and want to save money, we recommend the annual plans. We lay out all the plans here.

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What happens if I change plans in the middle of the month?

If you upgrade plans in the middle of the month we’ll be sure to put your unused time towards your new plan. Because we will still need to store your data for 30 days, we won’t be able to refund the cost of any unused time if you decide to downgrade or cancel, but you’ll get full use of Notehouse until the last day of your billing cycle.

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And finally, who is this Glorp character?

We're glad you asked! On her road trip Lauren visited the Ghost Lights of Marfa, Texas and picked up a hitchhiker named Glorp. Over some delicious tacos and through some hand gesturing when human-language failed, Lauren learned that Glorp's planet is eyeing earth as a possible place to conquer in the coming future. Lauren noticed that Glorp kept his notes stashed around his spaceship in the most disorganized way and, hoping to befriend him and assuage his desire for inter-galactic domination, she allowed him to help her create what would become Notehouse.